Warning – For those who read my blog

Recently, I have received a few ‘interesting’ feedback on my blog from some ‘interesting’ people.


While making a summary of the feedback I received on my blog deem to be completely unnecessary and counter-productive (as I absolutely failed to value their baseless opinion/judgment/accusation), there is one particular feedback which shocked my consciousness drastically – my blog seems ‘offensive’ and ‘distasteful’.


Firstly, I have discovered a surprising fact today – 53 people read my blog in this week. Considering the fact that I make about 3 blog entries per week and I expect 2 people to read my blog every week, the total number of the visit should not exceed more than 10. Hence the number ‘53’ appears to be very odd and I have reached one conclusion – more than 3 people (including myself) actually read my blog.


Secondly, I must wonder why people read my blog as it merely contains my view and opinion on various aspects of my life, and needlessly to say they are neither scientifically justified nor academically accredited, but rather written with my limited linguistic form (and with imperfect grammar and punctuation) which appears to be rather primitive than sophisticated.


Thirdly, while I appreciate people take their precious time to read my blog but I hardly believe that people would find any value out of it. If you do, I must be grateful as my blog somewhat has been proven ‘useful’ or ‘influential’ to some people.


Now I must revisit some of the feedback I received on my blog. Some said that I should not use a blog to express my view as some of the content may be found offensive and distasteful to some readers therefore they recommend me to use a ‘private’ diary to keep the opinion/view of my own to myself. For those who share this view, then I suggest you read the following argument of mine with an extreme care.


1.       If you do not like what I write, cease wasting your time to read it.

2.       If you do not like what I write but you choose to read, keep the opinion to yourself because I do not give a toss about what you think.

3.       If you do not like what I write but you choose to read and have a passion to give me a feedback, construct a logical argument which is not based on your unstable emotional condition.

4.       If you do not like what I write but you choose to read and have a passion to give me a logical feedback but you are unable to construct a logical argument due to your illiteracy, go and find something else that brings a joy to your life as reading my blog certainly doesn’t.


Some may have expressed their concerns about my blog because they pretend to ‘care’ about me. If you claim to be in the position to ‘care’ about me (I doubt that you would), I would like to see a proof of your worthiness – for example, your academic qualification, career achievement, balance sheet that shows your financial stability and wealth.


Lastly, I write my blog for 3 people (including myself) who can truly understand me. Please forgive my technical incompetency as I am unable to configure my blog to be available to only selected readers. Obviously, if you do not like what I write in my blog, then you are not one of the 3 intended people. 

About Brendon Cho

조후혁의 개인 블로그입니다. 1994년 18살때 호주로 부모님과 함께 이민을 왔고 2002년 통계학과를 졸업 한후 통신 회사 Exetel에 2004년 사원으로 입사, 2009년 최고재무관리자 (CFO)로 임명 그리고 2010년 MGSM에서 MBA를 수료 했고 지금 내부 감사장 (Head of Veracity)로 일하고 있습니다. 현재 3명의 자녀를 둔 아빠이고 시드니에서 살고 있으며, 클래식 음악과 글쓰기를 좋아합니다.
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