About Me (영문)


Brendon Cho is Head of ‘Veracity’ at Exetel Pty Ltd as of September 2015. He originally joined Exetel in May 2004 as a customer support representative and progressively advanced his career. He was appointed as CFO in April 2009 at the age of 31 and held the position till August 2013.

Brendon holds his Bachelor of Science (statistics) from Macquarie University, Postgraduate Certificate in General Management, Master of Management in Financial Management, and MBA from MGSM (Macquarie Graduate School of Management).

Brendon has speaking engagements with the major universities in Australia. His debut as a guest lecturer was at the University of NSW in August 2012, and since then he has been teaching at Macquarie University, UNSW, and AGSM in Hong Kong. The area of his interest is BPO (business process outsourcing) and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Brendon enjoys posting articles on his blog (http://brendoncho.com) where he shares his views and experiences as a mid-30 business man; a father of 3 children; and as a migrant who came to Australia at the age of 18, and his blog has attracted 24,000+ views over 3 years. He appreciates classical music and supports a small local community orchestra and as a sponsor and scholarship provider for young talented musicians.

For further information please refer to my LinkedIn profile as below.


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