Being wiser means being a great liar.

“I am planning to do X, Y and Z in January 2011 because I did not do it because of A, B, and C reasons in 2011”.

My argument is simple here – what makes me think that what I did not do in 2010 will be done in 2011? Let me be more blunt here – If it was not done in 2010, then it wasn’t probably not done in 2009. Hence there is a little chance of being done in 2011. Therefore why bother?

People often say this – as you get older, wiser you become. However, I never like this particular phrase. To me, personally, at least it sounds like ‘you learn how to get away with things by using self-justifications’. In a nutshell, you learn how to become an effective liar without being detected/classified as a liar.

How do you actually achieve this? Very simply – you never answer questions but make people ask you questions that you can confidently answer. Some may consider this as an act of deception or manipulation. I personally consider this as a desperate act of survival because the reality seems rather bitter here – it is either  you get eaten or eat others. From the moment you show your weakness, enemies will come and attack you. The ‘art’ of deceptive conduct is ‘efficiently disguise your weakness and disclose your hidden weapons (while you probably have none) to your enemies so they will fear you’.

There is a Japanese proverb – your closest enemy is in Hon-No-Si temple. One of the greatest leaders of Japan, Nobugana was murdered by one of his closest generals in the temple called ‘Hon-No-Si’. In other words, your outer enemies may not see who truly you are but your inner allies can see your weakness and strength internally. If you continue deferring decision makings and continue changing your minds frequently and continue showing lack of decisiveness, people around will eventually reveal your truth identity. You may easily deceive others but not the ones around you internally. They will see your short-comings and soon you will lose your credibility. You cannot lead people without accountability and credibility. (Some still holds a view that you can rule people with by applying fear. However, people do have a short memory hence they get used to the fear and adapt themselves to it)

Not sure what I am exactly writing here today but I am just babbling on about me being a great liar lately and I am getting confused whether even what I saying is true or not.

About Brendon Cho

조후혁의 개인 블로그입니다. 1994년 18살때 호주로 부모님과 함께 이민을 왔고 2002년 통계학과를 졸업 한후 통신 회사 Exetel에 2004년 사원으로 입사, 2009년 최고재무관리자 (CFO)로 임명 그리고 2010년 MGSM에서 MBA를 수료 했고 지금 내부 감사장 (Head of Veracity)로 일하고 있습니다. 현재 3명의 자녀를 둔 아빠이고 시드니에서 살고 있으며, 클래식 음악과 글쓰기를 좋아합니다.
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