How to silence ostentatious one who boasts intelligence by regurgitating what people already know…..

I have no problem of associating with one who is ostentatious as long as one has something to substantiate one’s position.

I was having a cup of tea with two business associates of mine a few days ago. She, the ostentatious one who often expresses her skewed opinion explicitly (and that often misfires and ends up humiliating herself), was in a frenetic status as usual. She started the conversation by regurgitating the Federal Budget which we already know its substance quite well. She endlessly went on about the Federal Budget with a full of resentment, and my tolerance level was about to be breached. Luckily another business associate of mine who is well known of his perspicacious outlook, he decisively interjected as below.

“There is one solution for facilitating ever-rising living costs in Sydney – You generate more income and that is the only one solution. Unless you become the Prime Minister of Australia and have the policies changed and restore the balance of its economy?”

“There is one solution for facilitating ever-rising school fees in Sydney – Either you earn more or your children are qualified for receiving a scholarship.”

His approach is pragmatic and not esoteric at all. I must say that I enjoyed the moment of this peaceful and halcyon silence of her. I finished my tea and walked away (and I smiled).

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조후혁의 개인 블로그입니다. 1994년 18살때 호주로 부모님과 함께 이민을 왔고 2002년 통계학과를 졸업 한후 통신 회사 Exetel에 2004년 사원으로 입사, 2009년 최고재무관리자 (CFO)로 임명 그리고 2010년 MGSM에서 MBA를 수료 했고 지금 내부 감사장 (Head of Veracity)로 일하고 있습니다. 현재 3명의 자녀를 둔 아빠이고 시드니에서 살고 있으며, 클래식 음악과 글쓰기를 좋아합니다.
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