Common problems in any company…

Because they have their own purpose to serve.

Once an organization reaches its reasonable size where departmentalization or decentralization becomes absolutely essential, people will have their own targets to achieve. Sales for bringing more revenue to the company, accounting for bookkeeping, finance for value creation, information system, operations, and so on.

While departmentalization itself can be very useful because it allows people to focus on developing and utilizing one’s core strength. However, just like everything, it also has a downfall – separation from other departments because you will have your own interest to serve / look after. In other words, outside of your domain or realm, they are none of your business.

There are some nice or I rather say gullible ‘fools’ in any organization who are considered as ‘friendly’ and ‘nice’. There are only three possible reasons for explaining their behaviour – one who was born with such good nature and one just wants to go beyond to help others; one who deliberately and purposefully be nice to others so every possible opportunity can be exploited in one’s interest; and one who has to disguise one’s own incompetency. Honestly, I hardly see anyone who falls into the first category.Perhaps there are some but only for a short period of time because one’s enthusiasm and passion will be exhausted soon because simply one will get conveniently abused by the second category. I always consider one falls in the second category is the most problematic because they usually have a distinctive ability to ‘selectively listen / accept certain things that are only in their favour’. In other words they usually read / listen what they want to read / listen. On top of that, they have a distinctive ability to manipulate things to manipulate others. Those who usually and easily manipulated by the second category are the incompetent ones – fall under the third category. Perhaps this may be interpreted as a sexist comment but there are many females who fall under this third category. Believe me or not, they are visually enhanced. However invented ‘blonde jokes’, who should have won a Nobel Prize for inventing them. Because I consider myself – short, fat, ugly but with an average brain, I never learnt effective methods of making people do things for me, but always learnt how to do things by myself because in fact there are no one to rely on but yourself (bitterness of reality I often call). This question is often used to test those third category – ‘Can you define a good manager?’ The most frequent answer is ‘Good managers have things done through others’. What a fancy statement yet very deceptive. Not sure how often this abstract noun ‘delegation’ has been used by them but it means simply ‘I am unable to do work by myself so I have to rely on others’.

Perhaps it is unwise to start my day with such ill emotion. Perhaps our 3rd baby is due this Friday morning and I am getting sensitive about this. I better shut down my PC and go to work otherwise my ranting session will not end soon.

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