Perhaps I need some sort of paradigm shift…

It must be true – people have very short memories otherwise why we continue doing the same sh!t over and over again.

I must have very short memories, too. I have been doing many (same) things over and over again. One day when I feel sick of doing the same things, I usually make a grand statement such as ‘it is the time for another paradigm shift’ – it means simply ‘I am very bored with doing the same sh!ts everyday and I need to do something to refresh / revitalize myself’. By the way, how do I typically refresh / revitalize myself? There are couple of ways – what have been used the most is such as fine dining, fine wine, a great ‘conversation’ with someone who understands/admires by view, etc. However, there are times when my attempt of ‘paradigm shift’ miserably failed. Why? Because I get bored with the process of this ‘paradigm shift’ as it has now become a regular routine of my life.

Why do I require doing this ‘paradigm shift’ often? It’s simple – because lately I have become less determined and passionate about what I do. In other words, when I say ‘I will do it’, it means ‘I do it right now and completely’ – this is how it was. Now is more of…. like… Errrr…. there is another day. I will do it later. What have I become lately? How did I manage to inherent this ‘element’ (i.e. laziness and lack of discipline) of Gen-Y while I am actually a proud Gen-X? Is this ‘element’ commonly shared with both generations but somewhat I managed to disguise myself as ‘I do not have such element’ until now?

Perhaps I am getting old. My life is not filled with a lot dreams any more. Actually my life is filled with a lot of executable tasks of achieving my dreams. Would you this consider as a good thing because I got everything planned up and I know what I’m doing? Well, you could say yes but to me, at least personally, me getting old means I am losing the ‘buffer’ – the room for me changing things to fulfill my dreams is getting smaller as I get constrained by many things, including my family.

Is this normal? Perhaps it is for ordinary people. Perhaps I am one of the ordinary people after all. Nevertheless, I just felt that I have just lost another differentiator of mine that differentiates myself and ordinary people. Perhaps I am becoming ‘ordinary’ lately and it is meant to be like that as I get older.

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