Those who were born after 1977….

Perhaps I am too old to change my skewed view. Perhaps what I think is all wrong. Perhaps I completely failed to adapt myself to new things/changes. Perhaps my social does not work because I have none. 

Anyway, I had a very interesting meeting at work this afternoon RE: clarifying some PAYG tax component. Perhaps it was entirely my fault because I did not send an induction document on their first day. Perhaps I carelessly assume that they had a ‘faith’ in what I do. Perhaps I was very wrong after all. 

However, this is something, a character of ‘post-generation Y’ that I despise the most – they believe in freedom of speech but they completely lack in realizing the consequence of speaking their careless words. Perhaps I should elaborate further as I incline to believe that I lack in explaining myself clearly lately. Perhaps it has something to do with my age or English is my 2nd language. 

When you communicate with someone (especially at work place), you need to acknowledge/analyze one’s character/status/personality/authority/etc. If you are going to ask me ‘why?’, then perhaps you should not be reading my blog because the level of your intelligence is below average and you would not be able to comprehend the substance of my today’s ‘ranting’. Anyway, let me continue with what I was about to say before I get side-tracked (due to consuming a glass of warm Japanese sake).

You are living in a democratic society which is still bounded by rules and regulations. When there are rules and regulations, there are obligations and responsibilities. When there are obligations and responsibilities, there are reward as well as penalty. The penalty of choosing words carelessly at a work place can be reflected in various forms – why? because after all, we are all humans and we, time to time, conveniently and deliberately, we let our emotions get in our ways. Let me be direct here – just imagine you were being argumentative to your boss for multiple occasions and he did not like it. When it comes down to salary review and your boss’ opinion counts, what would you think he will say to the board? Remember – people tend to remember bad memories quite well.

Anyway, getting back to myself here. Do I look like a person who can tolerate your silly jokes? For example, an employee under probationary period asked "Can I have a car, too?" or "Can you withhold less tax?" !@#!%$#%_%@#$!@#  Who the f**k do you think you are talking to? Do you not know who I am? Do I look like an old man who can be seduced by a beautiful smile of 21 years old girl? Have you thought about when you were making careless jokes and its sever (negative) consequence? Haven’t you been to the company long enough to realize what sort of a person (or you can say an asshole) I am? 

I do not understand – the words you use to speak and write, represent who you are. Back in (good) old days, people got their head chopped off due to selecting their words carelessly. Well, you do not lose your head at a work place because you said something wrong carelessly (consider yourself lucky). However, you must realize this – at a work place, there are people who are wiser than you and powerful than you. Some (especially young females) may tend think that they can get away with things time to time but it surely takes more than pretty face to get away with your wrong doings, at least from me.

You are no longer in a high school or in a university. You are at a professional work place (I doubt they understand what it means ‘professional work place’) where you get paid to do your job. If you can do your job well, then I have no problem. However, if you cannot do your job well and make unnecessary noise, then you will find my words are not so polite and friendly. In other words, it is better for you if I do not talk to you because it is a (positive) lead indicator of ‘you are doing what you are supposed to do’. In your best interest, do not bother me. However, if you have to bother for something, you better have a damn good reason for doing so.

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